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2016-2017 Were Important (and Wild!): An Update From the VP

In 2016, Lewis-Gray Solutions Group, LC made the jump to the European market through an opening of a new branch in Eastern Europe (Republic of Macedonia). Aside from the massive logistical challenges of formalization and relocation, the company experienced some exciting expansion:

  1. "Parallel Rails" Strategy / Tactics Alignment Consulting - During 2017, LGSG delivered on-site consultation in Strategy / Tactics Alignment and Team / Work Flow Training for a web-development and platform firm in Eastern Europe.

  2. Project Management Consulting - In the last year, Lewis-Gray Solutions Group has provided company-need-specific staff training which included Team Leadership training, Project Management organization training, and conflict resolution (in the workplace) training. Additionally, LGSG has provided staffing alignment and hiring consultation for workforce optimization.

  3. "Via Scouts" New Location Consulting - In 2017, LGSG delivered a Balkan-Country threat assessment (with contingency planning) for an international travel-services company. This was a “quick-turnaround” time-sensitive effort for specific clientele, and Lewis-Gray Solutions Group, LC provided the lead-team service within the deadline.

As we progress into 2018, we aim for a widening of our client base. This international market has room for 1) corporate alignment consulting and 2) new location expansion assistance. Now that the company is here (Eastern Europe) we are focused on offering these niche services to (hopefully) help be "job-makers" in this growing economic region.

Our primary challenges are connected to 1) increasing our network of potential clients and 2) formalizing and communicating the services we offer, so that we can better articulate value for those for whom we have the privilege of working. As we add REAL VALUE, I am confident that we can earn real trust from clients in this region and beyond.

God knows what opportunities lie ahead.

Blessings in Jesus Name,

Grayson Belvin

VP/Director, Lewis-Gray Solutions Group, LC

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