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Internal Alignment for International Impact

Lewis-Gray Solutions Group offers the Parallel Rails Consulting Intensive which brings organizations into alignment within themselves, helping People and Processes to sync and Strategy and Tactics to head in the same direction.


People || Processes Alignment

Maybe you sense tension within your own organization. It can sound something like:

  • “We are good at hanging out, but we lack direction and leadership.”

  • “There have all these disjointed projects, and its as if each person in our staff works on their own.

  • “We have tons of work to do, and we usually get it done, but, honestly, we don’t treat each other well.”


In each of these examples, there’s a lack of parallelism between People and Processes.


Strategy || Tactics Alignment

If taken a step further, the concept of parallelism can reveal a lack of unity between Strategy and Tactics. 

  • Strategy can be identified on the most basic level by asking: “WHAT do we want to do?” It’s a simple question, but, similar to a conversation explaining deep concepts to a child, it requires a concise and accurate answer.

  • Tactics are identified by going a little deeper and by asking the question (that’s what consultants do, right, ask questions): HOW do we want to do it? The “it” here is Strategy. So, tactics are How you want to do the What that you want to do. Yes, this is simple. No, it’s not easy.


LGSG presents the Parallel Rails consulting / training intensive to bring cohesion to your team and workflow and unity between what you want to do and how you actually go about it.

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